The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

  • Litigation Law And What To Expect When Filing A Lawsuit

    Even if you are planning to sue another party, you may still know little about litigation law. Here is a bit of information about litigation and what you can expect when filing a lawsuit. What Does Litigation Law Include? Litigation law includes the legal aspects involved in the resolution of a dispute. A litigation case can include a wide variety of dispute sources, such as a property eviction or a divorce.

  • When Is It Time To Hire A Special Education Lawyer To Advocate For Your Child's Needs?

    Public schools have a duty to provide an appropriate education to every child, even those with special needs. If your child's needs are not being met by his or her school, you will need to file a due process request with the local school board. While this is not an actual trial, it is very similar to one — you will need to provide documentation, witnesses and experts in order to make it more likely that the school board will honor your request.

  • Count The Ways: What Are You Owed For Your Accident?

    A car accident might disrupt your life for weeks or even months, but it doesn't need to injure your finances as well. You are entitled to several different damage areas as a result of the other driver's careless actions, and knowing what those are is the key to being paid for them. Read on for an overview of the many ways that you are owed as a result of your accident.

  • When The Time Is Right To Divorce

    The road from marital harmony to divorce is usually gradual, and it can be difficult to know when it's really time to throw in the towel and make it legal. While staying in a dead marriage is harmful to all concerned, there are times when you might need to hold off. Read on for some tips that might indicate you need to either put the divorce on the back burner for a while or make an appointment with a lawyer.

  • Pros And Cons Of Not Asking For Custody Of Your Children

    When you and your spouse are divorcing and the topic of custody of your children comes up, it's common for both of you to make claims as to why you'd each be the better choice. It may seem a little unorthodox, therefore, to suggest to your attorney that you don't want to have custody of your children. Your attorney can discuss how such a claim will play out, and this discussion will typically include a mention of these pros and cons.

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    The Inner Workings of a Law Firm

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